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December 8, 2023

Launch of the provision of an “Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Original Pin Badge” in appreciation for Ishigaki City Hometown Tax donations

In order to promote the Senkaku Islands, we have created an original pin badge featuring the Senkaku Islands as a promotional item to let more people know about and support the Senkaku Islands. The pin badge will be offered as a gift of appreciation to people who make Hometown Tax donations.
The pin badge is given to people who donate JPY10,000, and the badge is delivered together with a pamphlet titled “The Precious Islands of Ishigaki City: The Senkaku Islands.”
We have started accepting applications for the pin badge as an item to all Ishigaki City Hometown Tax portal sites. We hope that many people will choose the “Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Original Pin Badge” as one of their Hometown Tax appreciation gifts and use it as a token of their support for the Senkaku Islands and also as a commemorative item in celebration and support of Ishigaki City.



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