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Use of the Content of This Website

Unless separate terms of use are applied, anyone is free to use information disclosed on this website (hereinafter referred to as the “content”) in accordance with 1 to 6 below, including reproduction, public transmission, or adaptation, such as translation and modification, thereof. It may be used for commercial purposes as well. In addition, numerical data, simple tables or graphs are not subject to copyright and are free to use.

When you use the content, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use herein.

  • Indication of the source

    • When you use the content, ensure that its source is indicated. Some examples of how to indicate a source is as described below: (Example of how to indicate the source)
      Source: Cabinet Secretariat website (URL of the relevant page)
      Source: “XX Survey” (Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal website) (URL of the relevant page) (accessed on month/date/year), etc.
    • When you use the content by editing or processing it, indicate that it has been edited or processed in addition to the aforementioned indication of the source. You are not allowed to disclose or use the edited or processed content as if it were prepared by the government (ministries or agencies). (Example of how to indicate use of edited or processed content)
      Prepared by processing the “XX Survey” (Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal website) (URL of the relevant page)
      Prepared by XX Co., Ltd. based on the “XX Survey” (Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal website) (URL of the relevant page)
  • Ensure that no third party’s right is infringed

    • A third party (other than the central government; the same applies hereinafter) may own copyright or any other right to some of the content. As for the content of which a third party owns copyright or any other right (e.g., portrait rights of pictures and publicity rights), unless it is explicitly indicated that its rights have been processed, users shall obtain the relevant third party’s approval of use on their own responsibility.
    • As for content to which rights are owned by a third party, there are cases where the parts to which the copyright owner have rights are not clearly indicated. Even in such cases, users are required to obtain necessary permission from the right owners on his/her own responsibility.
    • There are cases where you are allowed to use the content whose copyright or other rights are owned by a third party without permissions from the copyright owners. Using the content as quotation is one of the cases.
  • Content to which the terms of use do not apply

    The terms of use are not applicable to the following content:
    • Symbols, logos and character designs that represent an organization or a specific business.
    • Content that explicitly indicates the application of separate terms of use with an explanation of specific and reasonable grounds.
  • Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

    • The above-mentioned terms of use shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese laws.
    • In case that conflicts arise as to the use of content in accordance with the terms of use and/or the application of the terms of use, the municipal court where the organization that discloses the content or the terms of use is located shall be designated as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.
  • Disclaimer

    • The government shall take no responsibility for any and all actions that the user takes by using the content (including the use of information by editing or processing the content).
    • The content may be changed, transferred or deleted without any advance notice.
  • Other

    • These terms of use shall not restrict the use permitted under the Copyright Act, such as quotations.
    • These terms of use are stipulated as of September 20, 2023. They comply with the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0). The terms of use may be changed in the future. If you are using the content in compliance with the previous version of the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use, the terms shall remain applicable.
    • These terms of use are compatible with those of copyright stipulated under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (go to Creative Commons Corporation website) at (hereinafter referred to as “CC BY 4.0”). The content to which these terms of use are applied may be also used by following the CC BY 4.0.