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October 10, 2023

The Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal has been newly established.

A website hosting the Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal has been established using Community Development Support Donations (Hometown Tax), for the purpose of providing as many people as possible with accurate information about the history and natural environment of the Senkaku Islands.
The Ishigaki City Senkaku Islands Digital Portal is a web platform that brings together and makes available information on display at the Senkaku Islands Information Center of Ishigaki City, located on the second floor of the euglena-Ishigaki Ferry Terminal. It comprises a wide-ranging online collection of historical records about the Senkaku Islands, information on the natural environment, and information on the various initiatives of Ishigaki City. The Senkaku Islands are indisputably an inherent part of the territory of Japan in light of historical facts and based upon international law, and are administratively a part of Ishigaki City. We are committed to continuing our efforts to disseminate accurate information and raise awareness broadly so that the citizens of Ishigaki City, as well as many people in Japan and around know and understand this fact.
We hope that many people will take this opportunity to access the portal and deepen their interest in the Senkaku Islands.